Friday, June 07, 2013

Looks like this is indeed the end, unfortunately for my time and effort spent on this project: Jonnyroobs Centralized. So make this my last ever entry via Blogger. I have decided to venture on to WordPress and continue my blogging adventures from there. Nothing here will change as I'll leave my digital footprints the way they are. That means everything including all the previous posts dating all the way back from 2006 will NOT go away. However, some things are being transferred onto the WordPress blog, such as the widgets (Twitter, Instagram, and my very own web link extras) that won't appear here on Blogger anymore...Feels like my own version of an implosion here of epic proportions, but it's more of a move, really. Tell you what though, here is the link to my newly-created WordPress page - I hope you take time to adjust and acquaint yourself to my new blogging haven. I expect this to be a really cool adventure! The WordPress page is just one of my gazillion projects I'm working on. It's time to get my creative juices flowing again. It was an amazing ride here on Blogger. See you guys on the other side.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Mark Iowa as another state I traveled to. Thanks to a work-related assignment, I was given this opportunity to drive a crew and myself to different towns and cities there. In between were rural roads that went uphill and downhill because the land itself didn't appear all too flat. It's too bad that corn wasn't seen since it's still too early in the season for them to grow. I also wanted to visit Mason City and Clear Lake checking out the crash site (which claimed the lives of then-rock superstars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson known as The Big Bopper) and the last building they performed in during the winter dance tour from 1959. Next time, maybe...Overall, Iowa was great especially the nice people there.

It's an awful week for me despite the good weather. I have had 3 nosebleed incidents so far here at home. And I can only assume that one of my blood vessels had burst. I haven't pinched my nose until the latest one. It actually helped ease the bloodflow and stopped no later than a couple seconds. I also put petroleum jelly to seal it. Hopefully that's the end. The last time I had nosebleeds were almost 10 years ago.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

It feels great to be back shooting hoops at the park's basketball court. I expected myself not to be as good but I wasn't all that great either. A few three-pointers sank in and I aimed to focus more within the three-point arc this time around. Despite my flaws (since it is just beginning), I'm grateful to be doing this activity and in good health for a soon-to-be a 39 year old.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

In a few months from now, Rizz and myself are expected to move down south to the sunshine state: Florida (and saying our goodbyes to the Midwest --- Chicago, in particular, which have been so good to us). We're ready to see where our lives take us next. If we're given the opportunity to start anew and fresh in Orlando, I don't expect it to be like the lifestyle I had before (from 2007 to 2009) which seemed more like an introductory chapter to me. We plan on taking this new, upcoming installment on a full-scale level careerwise, yet subtle and low-key at the same time on our personal time. I look forward to some reunions here-and-there and be gracious of the opportunity to meet old friends I haven't seen in person for ages. That would be a great welcome back gift. But the most important emphasis is making a name out of myself even at an age in which I'll nearing 40 soon. I've been a journeyman for so long and I firmly believe it's time to reward myself to greatness deserving every happy moment in life. I wish the same for Rizz, too as she's been an avid supporter of my life for the last few years. I look forward to having plenty of new adventures with her. I know she'll enjoy it.
A few days ago, award-winning film critic, Roger Ebert, passed away from complications of cancer at the age of 70. He lived life to the fullest right till the very end. During the last years of his life, he was still active despite having lost the ability to speak. He went on his Apple MacBook and continued to speak his voice through the words he typed. Ebert was bold in what he spoke and never shied away from what was on his mind just as he would critiquing a movie. Ebert was a powerhouse in the blogosphere with millions of loyal readers checking out his website daily...Reflecting on Ebert's blogging success, it has reinvigorated a lot of energy and motivation from within me. I believe it's time for a comeback and for me to speak my voice in volumes again just as I had in years' past. And I don't even know if it'll continue here on Blogger or not. Maybe I'll reboot my blog world at either Tumblr or Wordpress. And yes, I would like to incorporate photos from my end or stuff I find on the search engines, too (that shows appreciation of life and a source of inspiration). I think it's best to show how great the human spirit is especially during these times we live. People in Facebook have seen my profile change gradually in which it shows a totally different perspective - focusing more on the positives derived from inspiration quotes and Godly elements. I'm overwhelmed so far of the support and praise. As I get older, I realize life is filled with a myriad of challenges some of which tend to take away a wince of our smile or laugh and instead replace it with a frown or just plain seriousness. Believe me, it's not easy. There are times I find life to be so difficult or worrysome. But through all the good stuff I read daily, I find it to be therapeutic and motivating. It makes me feel wholesome again and go forward. I guess I have taken my blogging to a whole new level. My continuing presence here on Blogger remains to be seen. I will definitely need time to reflect on where I'm gonna wound up next. The possibilities are endless. But I can tell you all one thing - I'm back :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What's up with Blogger lately having those annoying ads on the top and bottom of my blog page? I didn't expected that after not logging in to my Blogger account for so long. It makes it look terrible, tacky and ruins the color schemes. I might have to transition my blogosphere elsewhere soon especially with an upcoming project I'm still brainstorming on.

Any one deserves to be LOVED whether he/she is GAY or STRAIGHT...I'm 'all-in' for marriage equality :) This is my belief. We're all equals even though we may be deemed as different by the negativity within our society. As a human race, we must learn to love and accept one another.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It seems that work's grueling January schedule has taken a toll on myself and (some) coworkers that I know. That meant not having any days off - until now. Today is relief for me and others who aren't on assignment. Shar just finished hers and is now rewarding herself with all the sleep/rest time she needs. The same with Dave (Mr. Barclay). But not for Rizz. She has to work tonight. She will get that much needed rest once its all over for her workday. We're staying in Peru, IL tonight as I booked a hotel. No long drive home until later mid-morning.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I almost fell deep asleep on the drive home from work. I veered towards the left lane and didn't know it until I regained my focus again. I have to remind myself to allow a few minutes of resting when needed. It's better to be awake.